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The team at the Digi Group in Oklahoma City recognizes that whether it be a printer, copier, or computer, if it is integral to your activities and it stops working, it just became your most important issue.  Whenever you have a critical issue, we dispatch our techs to get you back up and going as soon as possible.  We offer an array of complimentary services for your business.

Managed Print

We have several programs offering service and supplies for all of your print devices, from our supplies fulfillment through our managed print program. Our eConcierge service vastly simplifies every aspect of ordering printer supplies for Xerox® and other leading brands. It’s easy to use, super convenient, and includes service for Xerox® printers and select multifunction printers.  And best of all, it’s free and comes with no obligation.

Our managed print program is total care that includes all parts, service, and supplies. This monthly billing service is based on your device usage, so you’re only being charged for what your business is using.  Our technicians are certified and trained for all of our products, ensuring that you get the care and support you deserve.

Managed Services

We also offer IT support and services for your office computers.  We know that many smaller companies can’t afford to have their own IT department or techs, so we provide that service to you on a monthly basis, allowing you to have your own IT department without any of the red tape and ensure all of your devices are maintained and running smoothly.

We use custom-built software to allow remote access to your devices, allowing us to instantly begin fixing your device without physically being there.  Whether it be an issue with your email account, your wireless printing settings, or software errors, our team is fully trained to take care of the issue for you.


Hardware Repair

Computers can be a major part of your daily routine, and the smallest disruption can have a large impact on your business’ daily operations.  We believe that there is no reason to wait 3 or 4 days at a computer repair business for someone to look at your computer. At the Digi Group, our technicians can evaluate your problem the same day and provide options for upgrade, repair, etc.

With the advancements in today’s technology, we are also able to offer remote support services for many of our products, allowing us instant access to your device and its diagnostics.  Our techs can quickly pinpoint the issue and provide a prompt solution for you, allowing you to focus on what really matters: your business and your customers.

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